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Luci Olivia Writer

Luci Olivia Fitzpatrick is an award winning UK based screenwriter represented by Andrew Mills at Revolution Talent ( a BA HONS in Television Production from Middlesex University, Luci has a unique and strong voice and is often praised for her world building abilities. 

Luci's pilots can best be described as female-led, contemporary gothic tales exploring complex, dysfunctional relationships set in vivid, wild worlds. 

To date, Luci has 8 finished pilots under her belt. Between them, Luci has achieved:

  • First place in the 'Steven Knight Screenwriting Competition' (judged by Steven Knight

  • An 8 score on the (less than 3.5% of all scripts submitted)

  • Top 1% of all scripts on

  • Official Selection - Birmingham Film Festival 2023

  • Semi-Finalist - Raindance Script Competition 2023 

  • Semi-Finalist - Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition 2023

  • Semi-Finalist - Female Voices Rock Film Festival 2022

  • Semi-Finalist - WeScreenplay’s TV Pilot Competition 2023

  • Semi-Finalist - Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship (Season 6)

  • Second-rounder - Launch Pad's Pilot Competition 2023

  • Quarterfinalist - for PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2023

  • Quarterfinalist - Scriptapalooza Television Writing Competition Spring 2023

  • Quarterfinalist - The Script Lab's Screenplay Contest 2023

  • Quarterfinalist - ScreenCraft's Public Domain Competition 2023

To contact Luci or request a script, please email

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Logline: Raised in a broken home and inspired by the ideologies of freedom and feminism from her late mother, a melancholic teenager tries to earn the respect of her stoic father whilst on an arduous journey to publish her first novel.

Description: Set in the present day, this show is the modern reimagining of the life of Mary Shelley. With ongoing themes of resurrection, acceptance and mental health struggles, this story will explore Mary Shelley’s turbulent life and how it creatively inspired the story of Dr Frankenstein and his monster.

Format: One Hour Pilot // Modern // Drama



Logline: After a blood-thirsty pirate queen invades their lands, a fiercely independent bandit has no choice but to rely on a spoiled princess with untamed magical powers.

Mixing swords and spells, three self-reliant women must learn to trust each other as they fight to save everyone they love from a cursed fate.

Format: One Hour Pilot // Period // Fantasy

Review''Lone Wolves is so professionally written. There is a clear understanding of format, story structure, dialogue, world building, and character building. I absolutely love how easy it is to picture each scene.''



Logline: After being invited to document those living in a secluded & sustainable commune, an eager reporter must resist the allure of the enigmatic cult leader or risk never returning home.

Format: One Hour Pilot // Alternative Modern // Drama with Horror Elements

Review''Sandoval is an entertaining pilot benefiting from impressive, believable dialogue, and an intriguing concept.''



Logline: In search of profits for her pub, a penniless but resilient woman conspires with a murderous stranger to unscrupulously climb the social ladder of an unforgiving Georgian London - despite bringing out the very worst in each other.

Description: A dark and twisted retelling of the story of Mrs Lovett from the penny dreadful tale 'The String of Pearls' featuring Sweeney Todd. 

Format: One Hour Pilot // Period // Drama with Horror Elements

Review''Lovett is an enchanting world that is incredibly well built and written with master craft.''

Untitled design (1).png


Logline: When a hardworking philanthropist refurbishes the abandoned town of Wreckwood as a shelter for victims of domestic abuse, she discovers that the scorned, men-hating coven of witches inhabiting the surrounding forest pose an even graver danger to those she is desperate to protect.

Format: One Hour Pilot // Contemporary // Horror



LoglineAfter a rebellious teenager is sent to a correctional behavioural school, she must overthrow her brutal captors for any hopes of turning her life around.

Format: One Hour Pilot // Contemporary // Drama

Review: ''It’s perfectly dry and witty without ruining any of the tension in the scene and big, emotional moments.''



Logline: After a new subspecies of humans have drunk the planet dry, a botanist rushes to find a way to keep her captors alive before the drought kills them all.

Format: One Hour Pilot // Dystopian // Drama with Sci-Fi Elements

Review: ''There's a cool blend of almost gothic fantasy/sci-fi and a medical. The writer clearly knows how to write cinematically, as there are a number of great images and visual opportunities. 

drama at work here.''



Logline: Seeking revenge for her father's 'accidental' death, a grieving conwoman must convince London's wealthy elite she is one of them in order to get closer to her target.

Format: Half Hour Pilot // Contemporary // Dark Comedy

Review: 'There's a fun, character-driven story here with compelling themes of wealth inequality, class struggle, mental illness, and acceptance of one's flaws.''



Logline: Following the events of the S3 finale, Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter plan their next move whilst their actions have consequences for everyone else.

Format: One Hour Pilot // Contemporary // Drama with Horror Elements


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